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Spoiler Alert: Not too many Raves

Mitt Romney's tax returns and how he managed to pay such a small amount of tax (percentage wise) on his earnings.

I truly cannot decide if the American public is ignorant, stupid, willingly mislead by the media, accepting everything the media says as truth, all of the latter, or something I have not even though of. Rather than say that he paid the US government at a 15% tax rate on his income of $20,000,000, give a few hints how he could have done it legally. I have been doing my own federal income taxes for 50 years. By looking at all the blanks on the 1040 form, I realized that it does not matter how much you make, it matters how you made it. It does not matter how much you spend, it matters what you spent it on. The tax code was written and constantly being revised to suit social agendas. You can deduct the expenses of running a business to make a profit, but you cannot deduct the expense of running a household. You pay less tax if you have your own money at risk, because these investments are allowing others to make money, run businesses, and pay taxes. You can deduct money donated to certain tax exempt organizations, because they are supposedly providing social services benefitting others. Regular W-2 and dividend/interest income is taxed at a far higher rate than capital gains, because of the at-risk rule. Romney "cheated" the tax man by having itemized deductions of $5,600,000 in charitable donations, taxes paid to other jurisdictions, and business expenses.

Every time you see a political ad about the "wealthy" having all the tax breaks, while you have none, be suspicious because you are being lied to. No one really believes they are paying too few taxes (sales, income, state, federal, capital gains, inheritance, social security, etc, etc. etc.). If you have a retirement account invested in stocks, bonds, or mutual funds. You are paying or going to pay a capital gains tax. The label "wealthy" is used without being defined. There is no way that the political messages are being selectively beamed to you, so there is no way they can know of your tax situation. So "you" is being used without being defined. "You" might even be the "wealthy" without knowing it. Even though you have absolutely no other income than that reported on your W-2 form, you are very likely to have pay more in taxes than what has been withheld from your pay. You are still paying taxes if you do not get back 100% of your withholding. To put more money into your pocket throughout the year, your pay has been underwithheld (Not even money was taken out to pay your income tax). You have to come up with the full amount due (plus penalties and interest) immediately.

If you think that I am voting for Obama, then you will also believe that I read Playboy for the articles and watch porn only for the great music.

There is no reason to change horses in midstream, unless your horse is not really dedicated to getting to himself and you to the other side in a timely and orderly fashion. He would rather play in the water, sit on fish, and try to float on his back. Jump off, swim to shore, and let him try to cope for himself. You do not have time to mess with crazy horses. [Think of this as a political metaphor].

'The success of any new technology is directly related to its ability to access pornography."  R. Moeller, date unknown.

Did you ever drop something into the toilet and watch as it disappears out of sight? The plunger did not bring it back, the snake could not grab hold, but you know it is stuck because the water drains very slowly. A plastic bottle fell into the toilet and was too large to make the sharp corners in the trap. Wet Dry vac to the rescue. Feed the plastic tube into the toilet until you contact the object. Turn on the vac. Pull it out. There is not much water in the trap, but do not try this with a regular vac.

A video explaining why the American way of life is doomed. Spoiler alert: because no one has been taught what it means to be an American. The value set has been degraded to imply that Americans can do what they want to and it is OK because they are expressing themselves. Factual Error: The Russians liberated Auschwitz Concentration Camp. Americans liberated Dachau and Buchenwald.


The Hollywood establishment has more steins than a German beer hall.

Did you hear the one about the International Weight Watchers Convention with more chins than a Chinese phonebook?

Two cannibals were eating a clown when the first one said, "Do you taste something funny?"

In my experience most people seriously contemplating suicide are planning to kill the wrong person. They are not the cause of the problem. They have not considered the alternatives [These are the beginning sentences of a forthcoming true essay of actual suicidal individuals (successful and not) I have known.] Having had training and practicals in hostage negotiation, I know that people need training in knowing themselves before they take the word and actions of others as a guideline for their own behaviors.