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MAAC 2008 Pottery Session Eastern States Archaeological Federation R&R in Bangkok, Thailand, 1970

Journal of Middle Atlantic Archaeology (JMAA) available as PDFs. Volumes and individual articles.

Cultural Ecology on a Need-to-Know Basis Vermont Archaeological Society R&R in Tokyo, Japan, 1969
Potemkin Villages in the New World  Archaeological Society of Connecticut Vietnam: Past and Present

First Pennsylvanians: The Archaeology of Native Americans in Pennsylvania by Kurt W. Carr and Roger W. Moeller

Pit Archaeology in the Upper Delaware Valley Archaeological Society of New Jersey Community Services Division,  Bridgeport Police Earth's Enemy: A Satire on the Present from the Future  by Barry C. Kent
Paleo-Indian Studies in Connecticut Abstracts in Anthropology Officer Down Memorial Page

PDF Articles from Pennsylvania Archaeologist

Archaeology: A Cosmic Analogy Middle Atlantic Archaeological Conference School Resource Officer Handbook (written by Officer Michael C. Bouchard)


Chert Names (AKA) New York State Archaeological Association Division of Scientific Services  (Dr. Henry Lee's Forensic Laboratory) The Archaeology of Maspeth, Long Island, New York and Vicinity
Current Decline in Archaeology A Current Bibliography on African Affairs

Law Enforcement Experiences. A new Kindle Book by Roger Moeller about his 428 hours of riding with a big city officer on patrol observing crime up close and personal. He makes a strong case for the use of anthropology in apprehending criminals. He was also instrumental in solving many cases involving grave robbing, kidnapping, bombing, and international antiquities smuggling. Jacob My Friend. A new book by Barry C. Kent
A  Post-Apocalyptic View of Archaeology Society For Pennsylvania Archaeology Rock Art of the Upper Ohio Valley  (CD edition)
An Ecological Look at the Terminal Archaic of the Upper Delaware Valley

6LF21: The Templeton Site:
Java Slide Show

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DRAFT of A Handbook for Collecting Native American Artifacts: A Guide for the Surface Collector and Amateur Archaeologist (Michael C. Bouchard, 2014)

Late Woodland Horticulture and Population Dynamics

Middle Atlantic Prehistory: Foundations and Practice (edited by Heather A. Wholey and Carole L. Nash)

Sliders: Archaeology in a Parallel Universe


Lessons Taught But Not Learned Driving Miss Judy Out West -
Investigation into the Death of Owasco Rants and Raves MAAC paper 2009 SPA Cultural Ecology paper 2009
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