ESL means English as a Second Language. I have searched the Internet for free sites to teach English. English is a very difficult language to learn. Many words are not spelled the way that they are pronounced. Too many people do not know correct English grammar. Cities have people from many countries speaking English with accents. English has many slang terms that appear suddenly. Clearly spoken English is not easy to find. Americans are in a hurry and do not take the time to listen.

Too many websites assume the person speaks English, but needs to know the correct word. Other sites assume the learner is a child. I did not find a site that taught English to Vietnamese. I did not find a site with basic English phrases pronounced clearly. They started with long sentences. I learned to speak the little Vietnamese I know by listening to tapes. Proper English could be learned the same way, but I have no tapes of basic phrases with the Vietnamese.

I will add links to any resources that are suggested to me.

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