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Photos Taken by Vets during the war 9/7/13
Videos Shot of Vet Tourists Returning to Vietnam 7/19/14
Powerpoint Slide Show of Vietnam                                                            1969 - 1970 8/26/12
Java Slide Show of Vietnam (loads faster with additional comments)    1969 - 1970 12/2/12
Vietnam: A Personal Account                                                                    1969 - 1970 4/30/00
Help the Hungry (Charity started by Betty Nguyen of CNN) 8/30/08
Life After Returning from Vietnam 5/01/00
U.S. Military Links 10/15/00
Photo Section 4/19/00
Acculturation of Thanh 05/20/01
Books, Videos, Software, and Tapes about Vietnam 6/21/00
Viet Kieu Resources 6/29/00
Vietnamese Foods and Restaurants 11/15/00
Vietnam Embassy Home Page 4/19/00
Viet Nam News (in English)  Daily 
Vietnam Online                               Employment, Travel, Business 4/21/00
Viettouch                            Art, Culture, History, Archaeology, Stamps 4/21/00
Historical Monuments of VietNam       Photographs and Descriptions 4/21/00
HItchhiking Vietnam                                           Photographs and Diary 4/29/00
Vietnamese - English and English - Vietnamese Dictionary   8/17/16

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